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Mandy Pullen - Eco Shamanic Practitioner

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Welcome. I am an eco shamanic practitioner providing eco shamanism training and day workshops in eco shamanism - a marriage of our senses and spirit helping to bring spirit into our present lives to achieve a more holistic perception of our world. I also offer shamanic healing techniques to help enhance, heal and clarify peoples’ lives aiming to achieve a more authentic way of living as earthly sensate beings. Click on the tabs above or those in the menu to find out more about me and my work.

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I run workshops and events with two colleagues, Jane Embleton with whom I run workshops relating to the landscape and language and Freya Davies with whom I run workshops relating to plant spirit(s). More details about them both will follow shortly.

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Eco Shamanism Training & Workshops

Eco Shamanism Training

Shamanic Healing & Mentoring

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Shamanic Groups/Events

Shamanic Workshops/Courses


Collaborators - Jane Embleton and Freya Davies

Sat 22 Sept        Plant Eco Shamanism Day Workshop - Worcester with Freya Davies

Sun 23 Sept       River Usk Pilgrimage from Goldcliff (Newport) to Caerleon

                                    with Jane Embleton (see below)

Sat 6 Oct           Eco Shamanism Day Workshop  -  Forest of Dean (Millers Farm)

Sun 7 Oct          Shamanic Sundays Group -  Forest of Dean

Sat 13 Oct         Learn the Shaman's Journey  -  Cheltenham

26/27 Oct         Dreaming with Venus  -  Somerset - with Jane Embleton

River Usk Pilgrimages

with Mandy Pullen and Jane Embleton

From Goldcliff (on Wales coast nr Newport) to Caerleon - Meet from 10.30 - 11am (venue tbc)

Sunday 23 September - Autumn Equinox

From Caerleon to Usk - Meet from 10.30 - 11am at Caerleon Priory Hotel Tea Rooms (nr Roman Baths)

Date to be confirmed

We will be continuing our River Usk Pilgrimages taking the energy from the sea upstream to Usk. This is in collaboration with the Gatekeeper Trust's Wheel of Life Project. Contact Mandy or Jane for more information. You will need to bring a packed lunch and a flask. There will be car ferries available. Voluntary contributions £10 welcome.


Workshops, trainings and courses coming up in 2019

Sat 2 Feb          Imbolc - Landscape, Language & Rivers with Jane Embleton

Sat 9 Feb          Plant Eco Shamanism Day Workshop - Forest of Dean (Millers) with Freya Davies

Sun 10 Feb       Eco Shamanism Day Workshop  -  Cheltenham

Sat 2 Mar         Learn the Shaman's Journey - Forest of Dean (Millers)

16/17 Mar       Plant Eco Shamanism Year Course starts  -  Forest of Dean (Millers) with Freya Davies

11-14 April       Eco Shamanism Course/Training starts  -  Forest of Dean (Ragmans Farm)


Workshops coming up in 2018 - click on the titles to go to the page