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Mandy Pullen - Eco Shamanic Practitioner

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Welcome. I am an eco shamanic practitioner providing eco shamanism trainings and day workshops in eco shamanism - a marriage of our senses and spirit helping to bring spirit into our present lives to achieve a more holistic perception of our world. I also offer shamanic healing techniques to help enhance, heal and clarify peoples’ lives aiming to achieve a more authentic way of living as earthly sensate beings. Click on the tabs above or those in the menu to find out more about me and my work.

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I run workshops and events with two colleagues, Jane Embleton with whom I run workshops relating to the landscape and language and Freya Davies with whom I run workshops relating to plant spirit(s). More details about them both will follow shortly.

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Eco Shamanism Training & Workshops

Eco Shamanism Training

Shamanic Healing & Mentoring

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Shamanic Groups/Events

Shamanic Workshops/Courses


Collaborators - Jane Embleton and Freya Davies

Workshops coming up in 2018 - click on the titles to go to the page

24/25 Mar   New   Plant Perception & Resonance Year Course starts  -  Forest of Dean (Millers Farm)

                                 with Mandy Pullen and Freya Davies

Sat 7 April             Learn the Shaman's Journey  -  Forest of Dean (Millers Farm)

Sun 8 April            Shamanic Sundays Group  -  Forest of Dean (Millers Farm)

19 - 22 April          Eco Shamanism Training starts  -  Forest of Dean (Ragmans Farm)

5 - 7 May     New   Our Listening Landscape  -  Somerset

                                 with Mandy Pullen and Jane Embleton

20 - 21 May New   Echoing Green - Poetry & Eco Shamanism  - Avebury (see below)

                                 with Mandy Pullen and Jay Ramsay

7 - 10 June             Eco Shamanism Workshop at Oak Spirit Gathering  -  Derbyshire

Sat 30 June            Eco Shamanism Day Workshop  -  Cheltenham

8 - 9 Sept     New    Eco Shamanism weekend including Plant Spirit and Pilgrimage  -  Bristol  

                                 details coming shortly - with Mandy Pullen, Jane Embleton and Freya Davies

Sat 6 Oct                Eco Shamanism Day Workshop  -  Forest of Dean (Millers Farm)

Sat 13 Oct              Learn the Shaman's Journey  -  Cheltenham

NEW - Echoing Green - Poetry and Eco Shamanism Workshop

with Mandy Pullen and poet Jay Ramsay - Sunday 20 & Monday 21 May

Venue - Avebury Village Social Centre / Cost: £85 for 2 days, £65 for Sunday only

Click on the photos to go to the page for more information and booking details.