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Pyschopomp - working with the dead and dying

Shamanic healing is concerned with the spiritual aspect of illness. The body may need spirit essences retrieved, removed, cleared or replaced. Sometimes there is a ‘loss of power’ or ‘energy’ which needs restoring. Perhaps a life question needs an answer, or the dead and dying help in their moving on process. Whatever the healing needed there is usually a technique which ‘fits’ the healing perfectly. Healing sessions are held in my home - if you are unable to travel then I offer home visits at extra cost.

Psychopomp - the dead and dying. A psychopomp is a conductor of souls. When a person or animal dies it's spirit sometimes needs help to move to its next reality. Those who are in the process of dying often need help with difficult questions concerning where they are going and what will happen to those they leave behind. A shamanic practitioner can help people in these circumstances by working with spirits and using simple journeying techniques.

Current fee per session: £70 (about 2 hours plus preliminary diagnostic work). Payment by bank transfer, Paypal or cheque - please contact me to pay by bank transfer or cheque. Concessions available to those on a low income.

shaman healing death & dying | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner

"I think that your healing last week had a dramatic impact." Mary


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing Psychopomp

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