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Shamanic Healing - Distance Healing

Shamanic healing is concerned with the spiritual aspect of illness. The body may need spirit essences retrieved, removed, cleared or replaced. Sometimes there is a ‘loss of power’ or ‘energy’ which needs restoring. Perhaps a life question needs an answer, or the dead and dying help in their moving on process. Whatever the healing needed there is usually a technique which ‘fits’ the healing perfectly.

Distance healing - Working beyond the physical relies on a simple form of trust and paradoxically is often more effective than one to one work for the simple reason that there is less opportunity for judgement, in the form of ego, to affect the work. All the shamanic healings can be undertaken using this method. Classically, an object that has been sourced with intent will represent the client whilst the work is undertaken. However, much of the work takes place behind the veil, that is, with sight turned inward toward spirit and the object is only representative, not definitive. Once the work is complete a letter or email is sent detailing what has taken place and any necessary work to be undertaken either by the client or by me. Following the session the representative object is made devoid of the work and returned to it's place.

Current fee per session: £70 (about 2 hours plus preliminary diagnostic work). Payment by bank transfer, Paypal or cheque - please contact me to pay by bank transfer or cheque. Concessions available to those on a low income.

shaman distance healing | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner

"Thank you that was a very profound healing, words cannot express my gratitude."


Distance Healing

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Distance Healing

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