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Areas covered are (but not limited to) as follows.

Perception, awareness and sensation - diving into ourselves as Earth - a marriage of senses and spirit (the sixth sense).

Eco spirit mapping - spirits of land and nature, space and place (genius loci); accessing places and spaces of power; connecting to the more than human world (plants, animals and other earth forms).

Vision quest - understanding the process of the journey within and without. Calling for a vision.

The elements - a deep look at fire, earth, air and water (the course is designed around the cycles of the year).

Energetic medicine techniques and the recovery of power - identifying and remedying misplaced energy and power in humans and the more than human world.

Soul retrieval - the return of spirit essences for a more fulfilled life, for you and others, and the more than human world.

Sustainable living practises - you are what you eat, travelling lightly, mapping, future thinking, remote viewing.

The shamans horse (drum, rattle, sistrum and bell) - healing circles and the instrument’s voice or song.

Psychopomp (death and dying) - assisting the dying and dead to find their true place of rest.

The beginning and end game - the nature of time, connection to source, authenticity, the ego and icons.

An Eco Shamanic Practitioner Certificate is awarded once all work has been completed and is dependent on attendance and competence.

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Eco Shamanism

becoming one with our Earth

A year long training of six 3 day weekends beginning in April 2017 Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire with an awarding Eco Shamanic Practitioner Certificate

A series of six 3 day weekends every two months studying the contemporary areas of shamanism with an emphasis on eco reciprocity. You will  be embarking on your own personal eco shamanic journey within a community of like minded beings (or the more than human world) whilst also learning all the major shamanic healing techniques.

Requirements: You will need to know how to journey shamanically and there is an opportunity to learn this technique at a Learn to Journey workshop (click here to go the page) or, if you are not local, via Skype with me (please contact me separately). Attendance at one of my Eco Shamanism Day workshops will give you an idea of what to expect on this workshop although this is not compulsory. You will also need a shamanic drum (this can be borrowed and does not need to be owned). A commitment to all six weekends is required.

Venue: Ragmans Lane Farm, Lower Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, GL17 9PA

Ragmans is a 60 acre farm established over 20 years ago as a place of learning in the fields of permaculture and sustainable agriculture. There will be a dedicated temple space/sun room and 60+ acres of fields, orchards and woodlands in which to work.

Dates: all weekends run from 6.30pm Thursday to 3 - 4pm Sunday       

2017 - 2018 dates

April  6th - 9th     2017            October     12th - 15th   2017                

June  8th - 11th    2017            January     11th - 14th    2018                 

July   27th - 30th  2017            March       8th - 11th      2018

Places are limited to 12

Accommodation and meals:

Accommodation is in beds in shared rooms. There is also plenty of camping available. If you are local you are welcome to go home at night although there will be one or two weekends when you will be required to stay overnight for at least one night during the weekend.

All meals are provided and will be vegetarian. If you have a special diet please let us know but you may need to bring some food to suit you.

Cost: Fees include all tuition, meals and some accommodation and can be paid in instalments over the year - please contact me to arrange this option. You will be required to commit to all 6 weekends. If you attend an Eco Shamanism or Introduction to Shamanism Day Workshop before the training begins you are entitled to the early bird fee of £1500.

Deposit to book your place: £150 followed by

Early bird price by 1st Jan 2017                              £1500 less £150 deposit - £1350 (12 monthly instalments of £112.50)

Full Price after 1st Jan 2017                                    £1650 less £150 deposit - £1500 (12 monthly instalments of £125)

Instalments can be extended over a longer period if necessary - please contact me to arrange this.

Fees paid in full before the course begins - £15 discount

Concessions - please contact me if you would like a concessionary rate to attend this course.

If you would like to book with a deposit you can use the option below which takes Paypal, debit and credit cards or contact me to pay by bank transfer or cheque. Payment of instalments and any fees paid in full must be by bank transfer or post dated cheque.

Deposits are NOT refundable - if you have any questions regarding this please contact me.

shamanism training uk | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner

Eco Shamanism Training

Eco Shamanism Practitioner Certificate

'Mandy's ability to make what is ancient and sacred relatable on a day to day basis is second to none. Like the best teachings; hers form a story seen not only with the the head but also with the heart. With humour, humility curiosity, and with the wilderness as her ally, she allows those around her to reveal the magic behind the veil for themselves.' Steve Taylor

FULL - please email for waiting list/next course dates

FULL - please email for waiting list/next course dates