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Eco Shamanism - Landscape, Language & Rivers


Working with landscape, lan(d)guage and rivers

Listening with our feet, speaking with our steps

With Jane Embleton and Mandy Pullen

at Millers Farm, Blakeney, Forest of Dean, Glos

In 2019 there will be a series of events based on pilgrimage, landscape, rivers and language led by myself and Jane Embleton with whom I have worked since 2012. Over the years we have danced ourselves, and many others, through the Celtic Wheel of the Year, the Lunar Phases and the beautiful heart and rose shaped orbit of Venus. We have walked too, via the ancient art of pilgrimage, through the legendary Hieros Gamos ritual colluding with the serpentine River Severn and currently we are busking our way along the lower reaches of the Usk River in South Wales to help untangle the knots we find snarling up the energies of it's soul . . . with our soles and thereby helping to heal (heel) with our souls (soles) that element of our Earth with which we are engaged.

At the time of the Fire Festivals in the Celtic Wheel of 2019 - the points in the year between the Solstices and Equinoxes (fertile ground indeed and intent) - we aim to set days apart for deep listening, with our feet, and gentle wimpling, with our words, to play with the energies of the Sun, Moon and other celestial bodies as they engage with our beatific planet Earth. NB: one meaning of the word 'wimple' is as a verb which is to ripple, such as water doth.

Here are our plans, much is afoot and little is known so we will rely on synchronicities that devil with the art of probability. We may well make maps of a rivery ribbon and tell stories in with our new atlas. New maps for our new world.

DATES FOR YOUR DIARIES - all days are from 10am to 5pm

Celtic Wheel | Mandy Pullen

Imbolc / Candlemas - Sat 2nd February - the first fire festival

The first flowers emerge as a signal that spring is on it's way. We will be out and about on Saturday 2nd February running with rivers and leaping on the land. This time is also known as Candlemas - an old Welsh tradition is to light a candle in each window to welcome back the growing light.

Beltane / May Day - Sat 4th May - the second fire festival

The growing sun and warming rain encourage rampant green growth, which is reflected in the sexual shenanigans of humans and animals. We will be planting our walking sticks into the plum like land on Saturday 4th May. We may well wake up dragons and there could well be some dancing with a Maypole.

Celtic Wheel | Mandy Pullen
Celtic Wheel | Mandy Pullen

Lammas / Lughnasadh - Sat 3rd August - the third fire festival

We won't be meeting on this festival as we are away on another pilgrimage. However, you are welcome to tune in to Millers Farm from a distance, as will we! First fruits and harvest. The abundance begins and all is filling in readiness for harvest.

Samhain / Hallowe'en - Sat 2nd November - the fourth fire festival

A time when the veils between the living and the dead are very thin - and fire-works in mysterious ways . . . on Saturday 2nd November. We may take this opportunity to converse with your ancestors and forecestors (descendants) to honour the cycles of death and birth . . . or birth and death . . . or . . .

Celtic Wheel | Mandy Pullen

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If you would like to book any of the 4 days please do so. They include lunch and refreshments (cake!).

Landscape, language & rivers

Fire festival day

Venue - Millers Farm, Brain's Green, Blakeney, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, GL15 4AP

Simple budget accommodation is available on site at extra cost (5 beds available @ between £10 & £30 and indoor and outdoor camping @ between £5 & £10). A list of local accommodation options can be sent on request. If you would like to stay please email us.