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What is shamanic journeying?


Shamans use a journeying technique to access the world of spirit. It is the cornerstone of their work and involves moving their awareness from one reality to another using a specific method. During the journey a shaman seeks information, guidance and healing directly from spirits who are both compassionate and omniscient. It is a gift that can be learned by anyone.

Being able to journey shamanically is a prerequisite for the Eco Shamanism Course/Training.

How can I learn to journey?

learn shamanic journey | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner

“I just wanted to say a BIG 'thank you' to you for the wonderful workshop yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it, learnt a lot and met some lovely people. I left feeling very energised and I still have a great sense of wellbeing today and loads of energy!”

Karen Cole, Technical Author

Shamanism for beginners

Saturday 30 November 2019 - 10am to 5pm

Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham, GL50 1TH

Cost:          £50 early bird by 16 November, £55 thereafter

To book:     tel: 01242 254321 or go to Isbourne website here


You will need to bring a mat, blanket, eye cover and pen and notebook (and lunch).

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I offer three methods to learn the shaman's journey

One to one in a day -

at my home

6 week intensive course -

one to one at my home

Day workshop -

with others at a venue

A day to explore shamanism, to understand and experience simple ceremony and the use of personal power in an egoless practice with a dedicated practitioner. You will learn how to use the shaman's journeying technique, explore the shaman's map and practise this time tested method to gain information, advice and healing in your daily life using your new found skills. You will also learn how to retrieve a power animal.

Scroll down for more information about each method.

Learn the Shaman's Journey day workshops in either the Forest of Dean or Cheltenham

Learning to journey is a wonderful life enhancing skill. Many people feel that they learn much better on a one to one basis rather than in a group. You will learn how to journey as if you were in a workshop although you will, of course, get individual attention and the opportunity to delve into the interpretation of your own personal journeys. Please note that this day session includes a simple vegetarian lunch and refreshments.

Learning to Journey - one to one at my home

The benefits of learning the technique this way are several but mainly that there is a more in depth approach and a greater focus on the ability to interpret your journey. This one to one method is often called ‘Shamanic Counselling’ as shamans regard the spirits as our true counsellors. It can be learned over the course of four to six sessions. The weekly/fortnightly (or more) sessions option employs a simple recording device to record the journey as it is encountered and voiced - an effective way of replicating the traditional shaman's journey. This option involves a far more detailed introduction to journeying and often becomes a healing journey in itself. Once the sessions are complete, you will then be able to journey on your own and use this valuable gift to access the world of spirit.

Learning to Journey - 6 week intensive one to one at my home

learn shamanic journey | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner

“The gift that Mandy gives is one of timeless wisdom. The tools of shamanism speak to a deep knowing in each of us and Mandy’s gentle skill and down to earth approach makes if eminently accessible to all.”

Rachael O’Kelly, Biodynamic Gardener


Next one early to mid 2020

Millers Farm, Blakeney, Forest of Dean, GL15 4AP

Cost:       £55 includes soup & bread lunch & refreshments - Concs £45 (please ask)

To book:  Buy Now button or contact me to pay direct

You will need to bring a mat, blanket, eye cover and pen and notebook.

Learn to Journey

Learn to Journey - 6 week