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Plant Perception and Resonance

Hands-on-Herbals, day workshops and courses in Gloucestershire

with Mandy Pullen and Freya Davies

Plant Eco Shamanism

plant spirit shamanism

It is said that when a person needs a plant "it stands up where it grows, calling to you. That is why it is easy to find the medicine you seek". How many of us would be sensitive enough to perceive the plants most beneficial to our healing in times of illness? How can we resonate with plants and their spirits? Do plants respond to human speech, touch, smell . . . or thoughts, feelings, intentions? How can we move into a dialogue, or resonate, with plants?

We cannot live without plants . . . they are truly a cornucopia of knowledge, friendship, wisdom and healing. We will learn how our perceptions of plants change when we approach and commune with them from a feeling, or heart, sense - an invitation to the earthly realm of sensory plant perception. And also approach the practicalities of using plants in this way, for the good of our Earth as well as our selves.

Workshop facilitators for taster sessions, day workshops and year course are Mandy Pullen; Eco Shamanic Practitioner and sensory herb practitioner Freya Davies who has a wealth of knowledge, both sensory and practical, of the plant realms.

'Thank you for a delightful day, that really sums it up for me - delightful' - Fiona

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Hands-on-Herbals with Freya Davies

Hands on herbals are practical sessions where you will make remedies to take home and use. We will work seasonally and where possible harvest wild plants as part of this process. I want to support people to help themselves to health and well being through connecting with plants and creating plant based remedies.

Spring Tonic coming soon

Date tbc - 10.30am to 1pm

Would you like to know how to make a spring tonic using foraged herbs?

Freya will be offering a morning session on - date tbc where we will make a Spring Tonic

Venue: Ragmans Lane Farm, Gloucestershire in the Wye Valley

When: date tbc - 10.30am to 1pm

Cost: £20 - includes ingredients

Teas and coffee provided.

Full details of what you need to bring will be provided on booking a place.


Plant Eco Shamanism day workshops and courses

More details in 2020