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Shamanic Workshops & Courses

Learn the Shaman's Journey

shaman journey | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner

The Learn the Shaman's Journey workshop acts as an introduction to shamanism and is suitable for beginners. Once learned it is an invaluable gift. If you need to learn how to journey for the Eco Shamanism Year Training you can do so here.

Eco Shamanism Day Workshop

Eco Shamanism days act as an introduction to Eco Shamanism and gives a flavour of the two year practitioner training in Eco Shamanism. It will open your senses and perception and give you an idea of deep ecology.

eco shamanism | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner

Learn how to teach others the shamanic journey technique - an advanced two day workshop for those who know how to journey and are practising shamanism.

Advanced - Teaching the Shamanic Journey

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Plant Eco Shamanism - Hands on Herbals

A short workshop working with plants for health and wellbeing. We will make seasonal tonics - this is a practical workshop where you will go home with your home made tonic.

Plant Spirit Shamanism | Mandy Pullen
Healing with Nature | Mandy Pullen

Advanced - Eco Mapping - Healing with Nature

A day to introduce shamanic/alternative practitoners to the Eco Mapping technique - an element of Eco Shamanism that involves middle world work healing with nature including oracular work.

Eco Shamanism | Mandy Pullen

Eco Shamanism Year Course - Shifting Terrain

We will delve into Weather Shamanism, Micro Intelligence, Eco Linguistics and Dreams and Dreaming with an overlying theme of 'instinction' as opposed to extinction. Expect to come under a spell, spelt Earth. Open to all.