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Shamanic Workshops

Learn the Shaman's Journey

shaman journey | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner

The Learn the Shaman's Journey workshop acts as an introduction to shamanism and is suitable for beginners. Once learned it is an invaluable gift. If you need to learn how to journey for the Eco Shamanism Year Training you can do so here.

Eco Shamanism Day

Eco Shamanism days act as an introduction to Eco Shamanism and gives a flavour or the year long training in Eco Shamanism. It will open your senses and perception and give you an idea of deep ecology.

eco shamanism | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner

This short course is run over 4 days and includes an Introduction to Shamanism (learning how to journey shamanically), Energetic Medicine Techniques, Soul Retrieval and Eco Shamanism. The days can be attended individually but you must know how to journey to attend the Medicine and Soul Retrieval days.

advanced shamanic journeying | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner

Short Course in Shamanism

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Click to subscribe to my monthly Eco Shamanism newsletter

Plant Eco Shamanism

A day workshop working with plants from an Eco Shamanism perspective. We will look at sensory plant perception and resonance together with simple plant preparation practices.

Eco Mapping Short Walk

A 2 hour walk in the Forest of Dean learning how to commune with your environment using all six senses. Techniques are used to create a connection with the more than human world encouragin us to become one with our Earth!

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