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Spilling out from Words


Day wordshop with Mandy Pullen and Jane Embleton

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Chained library Hereford Cathedral

Date and Time: tbc

Cost: £ tbc

Venue: tbc

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We will be gathering words, spellings, language, dialects, meanings, diction and more than likely, a good deal of gibberish . . . all in the spirit of words. This is a new arrival of spirit baggage in the collaborative work of Jane Embleton and myself . . . we have side stepped through the shadows of spirit on many occasion and offer this wordshop to those of you who are acquainted with our other shops, usually of the work variety. Much of our focus will be on the role of language in the life-sustaining interactions of humans and other species and the physical environment. This is a practice known as Eco Linguistics, the idea being that if we slowly change the way we speak about the Earth and nature as being separate from us then, like magic, we can soon start to make amazing connections to others, including the more than human world.

This is a new day wordshop that has arrived . . . via the back door of the library. We will be working with the spirit of the lexicon - our stand out word in this instance is

coddiwomple: to travel in a purposeful manner

towards a vague destination