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Mercury Rising

with Mandy Pullen and Jane Embleton

Next workshop to be confirmed

The planet Mercury is fleet of foot (or hoof) and spins around the Sun at lightning speed. It is known as the messenger of the Gods and is renowned as the planet of communication, intelligence and awareness. Yet Mercury is also associated with cleverness and trickery and when Mercury's orbit turns retrograde, for which it is renowned, those aspects of communication, travel and technology can suddenly back track, creating mix ups and confusion. Mercury as an element is known as quicksilver and is derived from cinnabar. And as a liquid metal it was, until recently, used in thermometers to measure temperature and barometers to measure pressure. Mercury will be at the end of it's direct motion (going forwards) at the time of our workshop and then going retrograde on April 9th - we expect to rise, calmly, before the storm.

Join us to experience the speed of Mercury on April Fool's Day, the one day in the year that is renowned for it's trickery.

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Mercury Workshop