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Balancing the Flame

with Mandy Pullen and Jane Embleton

Balancing the Flame is a series of day or weekend workshops designed to explore, re-member and celebrate the eight most potent points of the year, the solar festivals, in relation to ourselves and the land upon which we live. We have been running these workshops since 2011 and they are open to men, women and couples.

We have recently finished a 2 year run of weekend workshops at Ragmans Lane Farm in Gloucestershire and are taking a rest whilst we await a call from the next body of land to call us into service. As these workshops are so specific to the land they are ideally suited to anyone who has a place or space that would welcome an engagement between the spirits and humans who are guardian of it. You may have land that would welcome this encounter or you may wish to come to one of, or a series of, our workshops to learn how to work with the energies of each festival in relation to your own land or space. Workshops can be run as day events or over weekends nearest to the actual dates of the festivals.

If you are interested in holding these workshops on your land please contact us via Mandy's email.

In the mean time we will continue to feature these festivals in our newsletters (click on the type in the blue box to subscribe) and give a little information as to the energies of each festival further down.

CCA comment from one workshop participant

"I just wanted to thank you for an utterly lovely day! It was so nourishing to be amongst you all - I felt instantly at home again. It was perfect timing for where I'm at right now too. I enjoyed the workshop thoroughly. For me it was the perfect measure of going deep enough, without feeling too heavy, equally balanced by the fun of our joyous (and very delicious!) shared lunch and the afternoon of crafting.  I was also just so struck by your attention to detail over the day: the beautiful centre piece; that stunning recording of the Russian female vocalist; the fact that we were sitting in chairs of Yew! Just gorgeousness all day."  Charlotte Randomly following Samhain workshop in 2013

An article about these workshops - click on the title below to open in another page

The Solar Festivals - Putting the Sacred into Permaculture - written for Permaculture Magazine Spring 2014

pagan celtic wheel workshop | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner
pagan celtic wheel workshop | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner

Celtic Festival Workshops

Fire Festivals

The fire festivals are the points midway between the solstices and equinoxes. They are more mutable than the Quarter festivals, traditionally being held at the beginning of the month.

Quarter Festivals

The quarter festivals are the fixed points when the light is either at its least or most or when it is equal day and night. The actual dates are between 20th and 22nd of the month.

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Samhain / Hallowe'en - early November

A time when the veils between the living and the dead are very thin - take this opportunity to converse with your ancestors and forecestors (descendants).

Imbolc - early February

The first flowers emerge as a signal that spring is on it's way. Also known as Candlemas - light a candle in each window to welcome the light.

Beltane - May Day / early May

The growing sun and warming rain encourage rampant green growth, which is reflected in the sexual shenanigans of humans and animals. Dance the Maypole.

Lammas / Lughnasadh - early August

First fruits and harvest. The abundance begins and all is filling in readiness for harvest. Have a picnic by a river or in a newly mown hay meadow.

Winter Solstice - circa 21st December

The stillpoint of the year when the Sun is at it's lowest point of the horizon. Still your actions and thoughts and let the next year's dream spark.

Spring Equinox - circa 21st March

Seeds are sown, rabbits and hares fight and flurry, eggs are the order of the day. Celebrate the yellowing, when the flowers welcome the growing Sun.

Summer Solstice - circa 21st June

This is the full time of the year. The nights hardly draw breath before the zinging and vibrant energies of summer. Stay up all night in the balmy warmth of Midsummer.

Autumn Equinox - circa 21st September

Harvest and completion. The year is entering it's riches. Corns, vegetables and fruits have ripened while leaves turn from green to gold. Walk out in the mist and spider webs.