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Compass of Venus

A 24 hour workshop working with the orbit of Venus

as a Morning or Evening Star - next workshop coming soon

Two workshops - the first is dedicated to Venus as a Morning Star where we work with the energies of love, truth and beauty and how we are loved by our mothers. The second is dedicated to Venus as an Evening Star and we work with the phases of Venus (simialr to the phases of the Moon) and the way we are loved by our fathers.

Venus has a beautiful orbit around the Sun which is mirrored by our own Earth’s orbit - it is made up of hearts and roses - see the photo below which is our Venus labyrinth. We walk this at each workshop. We often link these 24 hour workshops around specific events in the astrological calendar as we also pay tribute to the Sun around which our solar system navigates . . .

Our 24 hours usually start at either 5pm or 8pm, sometimes on a Friday as this is the day of the week associated with Venus - 5pm and 8pm because Venus has a tango rhythm which has a 3:3:2 (=8) rhythm. Venus and Earth dance this tango around the Sun in an 8:5 rhythm which draws this beautiful labyrinth.

"Thank you for the Venus workshop, it was a great voyage. I feel so refreshed and back on track steering my own love ship again. It was a wonderful and transformative 24 hours.” Kate 2015


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Venus workshop | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner
Venus workshop | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner
Venus workshop | Mandy Pullen Shamanic Practitioner

Venus workshop

Venus workshop

with Mandy Pullen and Jane Embleton