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Terms & Conditions

Business name:  Mandy Pullen

Contact details


Landline:     +44 (0)1594 541850

Monbile:     07805 800313

Address:     Mountjoy, Hillside Road, Drybrook, Gloucestershire, GL17 9EW, Great Britain


Workshops and trainings (hereby referred to as "events") based on aspects of shamanism.


Please refer to the relevant page of the website and use the payment button which takes payments via Paypal. If you wish to pay by cheque please make cheques payable to Amanda Pullen and send them to the business address above. If you wish to pay by bank transfer please contact me via email at and I will send you bank details.

Once a booking has been made with either the full fee or a deposit, an acknowledgement email will be sent. Further details of the event are usually sent within a month of the event's start date.

For residential events all tuition, accommodation and food is included in the fee unless otherwise stated in the relevant page of the event.

Times, dates and venues: please refer to the relevant page of the event. Timings for the endings of some courses may vary.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are NOT refundable. Full or remaining fees are payable one month before a singular event's start date. If you cancel at any time UP TO one month before the event start date you will receive a refund less the deposit if there is one. There are no refunds for cancellation WITHIN one month of the of the event's start date. There are NO refunds of any event that runs over a series of weekends or weeks (eg: Eco Shamanism Training or Shifting Terrain) WITHIN 6 weeks of the course/training start date, if you cannot attend one or more of the modules or decide to leave early. Deposits for courses/trainings are not refundable.

Should you have any difficulty with fees please contact me in the first instance.

Should an event be cancelled by the organiser all efforts will be made to refund both the deposit and remaining fees.


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