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Mandy Pullen - Eco Shamanic Practitioner

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Welcome. I am an eco shamanic practitioner providing shamanic training and day workshops in eco shamanism - a marriage of our senses and spirit helping to bring spirit into our present lives to achieve a more holistic perception of our world. I also offer various shamanic healing techniques to help enhance, heal and clarify peoples’ lives aiming to achieve a more authentic way of living as earthly sensate beings. Click on the tabs above or those in the menu to find out more about me and my work.

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I also run workshops with a colleague, Jane Embleton, about the cycles and seasons of our land and the greater cosmos including the phases of the Sun (Celtic/Pagan Festivals or the Wheel of the Year) and Moon, the beautiful orbit of Venus and trickster planet Mercury. Due to other commitments we are not currently running any of the above workshops - however, there is another event coming up in August . . . see below . . . and more work will be arriving in the not too distant future.

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Eco Shamanism Training & Workshops

Eco Shamanism Training

Shamanic Healing & Mentoring

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Regular Shamanic Groups

Pilgrimage - May Hill to St Anthony's Well, Forest of Dean

Following our recent pilgrimages re-enacting the sacred ritual of Heiros Gamos we will continue on Monday 7th August, at the time of Lammas and an eclipsed full moon, taking the Egg Stone to meet the Seed Stone - from the land ovary of May Hill to St Anthony's Well in the Forest of Dean.

Meet at May Hill (trees at the top) @ 10am (£10 voluntary contribution) - email for more information.

Shamanic Workshops/Courses

Workshops coming up in August - click on the titles to go to the page

Sat 5th August      Energetic Medicine Techniques   -   Cheltenham

Mon 7th August    Heiros Gamos Pilgrimage   -   Forest of Dean (scroll down for details)

Workshops coming up in September - click on the titles to go to the page

Sun 3rd Sept         Shamanic Sundays Group   -   Forest of Dean

Sat 9th Sept          Plant Perception and Resonance   -   Forest of Dean

Sun 10th Sept        Soul Retrieval   -   Cheltenham

Workshops coming up in October - click on the titles to go to the page

Sat 7th Oct           Eco Shamanism Day Workshop   -   Cheltenham

Sun 22nd Oct       Eco Mapping Short Walk   -   Forest of Dean

Sat 28th Oct         Eco Shamanism Day Workshop   -   Bristol

Workshops coming up in November - click on the titles to go to the page

Sat 11th Nov         Learn the Shaman's Journey   -   Forest of Dean


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New date for Eco Shamanism Training now starting 16 - 19 February 2018 - click on the title

Working with the Sun, Moon, Planets and Labyrinths