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Shamanic journeys are extremely effective at getting to the 'heart of the matter'. They are the corner stone of shamanic practise and are used for healing, guidance and advice.

We often layer so much over our problems that we stop seeing their essential nature. When journeying shamanically our spirit guides and allies show us the intrinsic qualities of our search, allowing us to see how our egos may have thwarted us and how fear can hold us in comfortable patterns of dependency.

I am often asked to undertake shamanic journeys for people in order to answer a

question, or to help people find a way through a situation which, to them, is not easy

to find. This is a major part of my practise and I offer this service on a one to one basis

and distantly. During one to one journeys it is possible to take you on a journey safely

so that you too can hear what the spirits have to say.

Learn the Shaman's Journey day workshops are held 2 or 3 times a year - click here to

go to the page.

How does it happen?

If you would like me to journey for you please contact me with your request and purchase the type of shamanic journey you would like using the Paypal/card button below (if you would like to pay by other means please contact me). Once the shamanic journey is complete you will receive a written report of the journey by email.

One to one shamanic journeys are available on request but incur a higher fee. Shamanic journeying costs are shown below.

Shamanic Journey

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Shamanic Journeys